Hi, I’m Charles Miske and I’d like to take a few seconds to talk to you about where this book came from and how it evolved to be what it is today.

A very long time ago, when I was a teen, my YMCA had one of those “drop your kids off and shop” movie days and the movie of the day was a zombie horror flick. The only one I can imagine it being is Night of the Living Dead, but I was a bit young to really remember much of the plot or characters. I do remember though being intrigued by the apparent rise of the dead in an unstoppable wave of destruction.

Over the years I managed to watch probably hundreds of horror films and play dozens of video games involving zombies but it wasn’t until recent years that I began to read books including zombie mythology. Some years ago I wrote a treatment for a screenplay involving zombies, which didn’t result in a sale, though a movie was made. Nevertheless I persisted, and a couple years ago while waiting out a storm on Aconcagua, the highest peak in South America, I wasted away hours in the sleeping bag taking notes on various projects I had interest in.

This book was on that list in the form of a survivalist and a young girl fighting their way through the corruption of human society and the brutality of zombie infestation. It worked up to a point then stopped making sense to me so I shelved it and spent my writing time on my mountaineering, fitness and self-help books.

This summer I dusted it off and rewrote the first several chapters and suddenly it all fell into place when I made the connection to my protagonist, 17 year old Emma, who led me the rest of the way through the project. I owe her the majority of my thanks for helping me complete it. Was she real? As far as I am concerned, very.

There is another book that I must write in this series, and possibly a third, and I hope that you’ll all join with me as I work to bring those words to light and share them with you in the next installment of “My Infected Series” so subscribe to the newsletter and I’ll send you an email now and then with updates on how that’s coming and maybe a few sneak peeks.

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you enjoy the book.


Author Charles Miske
Author Charles Miske