My Sweet Infected Ranked

I was surprised to see that “My Sweet Infected” was ranked at #87 in the category Teen-Romance-Dystopian – just 3 slots lower than Carrie Ryan’s “Forest of Hands and Teeth” which was a wonderful book I read a few years ago. It provided some inspiration in my story.

My Sweet Infected #87 Teens-Romance-Dystopian 10-23-2014
My Sweet Infected #87 Teens-Romance-Dystopian 10-23-2014

It wasn’t that long and we were at the top. Porter stopped for a second to look back. I dropped my backpack and turned to see. He pulled me into his chest, and waved the other hand out over the village in the valley below. My damp back pressed into him. Not too far down were the girls and Hank. Shelley was really out of breath. I looked toward the long steel fence, and the bits of the rooftops poking up from beyond it. Sunlight sparkled on the creek as it flowed into and through the dam and waterwheel. This was goodbye now to the village after the years we’d been there. It wasn’t great, but I’d gotten used to it. Most things made sense there until now, even when they seemed wrong. Porter slid his hand up around my shoulder and behind my ear, above and into my hair, gently stroking and pulling it behind my ear. He silently kissed the side of my head and I pressed harder into his chest and shoulder, trying not to shake so hard that he could feel it. – My Sweet Infected – Chapter 2

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