First Reading by the Author

A short selection from My Sweet Infected, to celebrate the release of the third edition today.

Rare reading by the author, a short selection from chapter eight. Celebrate with me. Releasing my 3rd Edition today. 5-stars on Amazon, zombies, dystopian, romance, adventure, crazed survivalists, civilization on the brink of extinction. Click to get 3 free chapters now or all free for Kindle Unlimited


After we introduced the new cover, I received a suggestion to reformat the interior to move all the front matter to the back and add in a short preview. I chose chapter 8, and read a short excerpt from that selection to introduce the emerging sensual tension between Linda and the protagonist. If you want the first three chapters for free, and a chance to win a rare first edition paperback, signed by the author, CLICK HERE and let’s get your free chapters to you ASAP.

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