5-Star – Great read! Glad it’s a series.

This book is a great example of dystopian fiction. The plot is unique which I appreciated and there’s a surprising twist which I really didn’t see coming. I ended up reading parts of the book again because some of the scenes were so good. The author has created a great novel here with a compelling story that has great emotional depth between the characters of Porter, Emma and Linda. The backdrop is the dangerous world of the infected and as is so often the case, danger lies in those not infected as well. Good stuff!

My Sweet Infected is a fantastic new gory world for fans of the genre to play in. I loved the book and I’d recommend it.

5-Star – My Sweet Infected—is Quite Contagious

I became completely absorbed with this tale penned by Author Charles Miske.
Best described as a Dystopian thrill ride, the lure is certainly Miske’s vivid
central characters, who are stricken with various strains of infection which causes some to morph into monstrous beings with the need to feed off of human flesh. There are plenty of gruesome elements that will have you turning away, but believe me,
you’ll be burying your head back inside of the book pages for the steaminess of
the Emma-Porter-Linda love triangle. Boundary lines are drawn because of their genetics, but they’re also made to be crossed in this read where the overall plot has you rooting for one side one minute, and the other the next. This is book one in the My Sweet Infected series. I’m now a fan, and you will be too, which is exactly what makes this book so very contagious.

5-Star – Terrific!!

Such a terrific writing by the author. It’s a great dystopian fiction, which I could not put down for its thrilling ride. Porter, Emma and Linda – all were amazing characters. The unique storyline and the twists were fantastic to read. It is a comprehensive story of danger as well as emotion and romance.

‘My sweet infected’ has nicely written by the author, Charles Miske. His brilliant execution of a unique story and a silent entry to the world of infection truly amazed me. It’s a great read, I can’t recommend enough.

5-Star – Love this author’s books!

As a fan of Mr. Miske’s non-fiction works about his travels, training, and diet, I was intrigued to see a fiction novel by him, and eager to see if his writing talent carried over to fiction. I was more than pleased. He did a fine job of carrying and developing the plot, and his characters’ growth is fantastic. Although this is not my usual genre of reading and I haven’t had a lot of exposure to this world, I can recognize a good quality work. In addition to the excellent quality of the writing, the editing is flawless, making for a good reading experience. I will probably buy and read the subsequent volumes too, because now I have to know what becomes of Emma, Porter, and Linda! The sneak preview of book 2 is enticing! Thank you, author. Please keep ’em coming!



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