About the Author

About the Author

Charles Miske is a writer living in Summit County Colorado where he runs, rides, skis and climbs. He grew up under the influence of his mother, a nearly rabid fan of romance fiction. He has several books published about mountaineering expeditions and fitness and diet. This is his first fiction work. Hopefully there are many more coming in the near future.
“I had a lot of fun writing this, with a heavy influence from anime using some of the same themes and topics as popular current shows. I hope the special audience that appreciates this unique take on the zombie mythology will become long-term fans and help support me in my upcoming writing projects.”
If you’d like to stay in the loop, please go check out his blog at http://charlesmiske.com and get updates for the next book in this My Infected Series.

My Sweet Infected - Dystopian Zombie Romance


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