Chapter Fourteen

“Boundary lines are drawn because of their genetics, but they’re also made to be crossed” 5-Star Review

“I’ll find a place to stop.” Porter took off toward the trickle of water. In the shadowed darkness there had to be a safe place for us.

Linda lowered me gently to the backpack. “You’re burning up.” She was right.

“We should have stopped earlier. I’m sorry.”

Porter came running back without his gear. “Okay, come here.” He lifted me up like a baby. He nodded down to the bag and Linda picked it up with some difficulty. It was so heavy compared to hers.

“I can do it.” But it lacked confidence.

“No you can’t. Let me take you.” His arms wrapped around me a warm serpentine embrace.

I fell asleep on his shoulder. It was a fitful sleep full of disconcerting dreams. So many things had happened. So many strange revelations had turned my life upside down. – My Sweet Infected, Chapter 14


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