Chapter Nineteen


Porter had a very serious look on his face. Maybe he was a professor or something in his past life. Though he would have been very young.
“Can we wait it out?” Was Porter still in love with me enough that a pout would win him over? I tried it.
“Oh, come on. Don’t do that.” He dropped the gun, came to within inches of me. He cupped my chin, pulled it up to his.
His breath was heavy on my cheek, rolled down my neck. It was hot and damp. The heat formed in my chest. The pout seemed to be backfiring. He leaned down, nose sliding alongside mine. His lips found a match in mine, expectantly reaching for them. They slid together with the friction that ran all the way down to my knees, pausing along the way to drop off lightning rushes.
“Please?” I breathed in between his lips, as they also begged for more. His hands found my waist, slid around behind, one high, one low, cupping me and pulling me in. – My Sweet Infected – Chapter 19

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