Chapter Six

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It was odd that in my fury at the other hunters, I’d considered the fate of Linda but not of Shelley. I knew that in my heart I could be a friend to Linda but I still didn’t feel trust for Shelley.

“How do you feel this morning?” Linda asked first with expectation on her brow and in her wide eyes. She was so pretty when she opened her heart.

“I feel good. Sleep was good. That coffee was just what I needed to wake up to.” I smiled.

“You looked like you were dead or something this morning. I couldn’t even hear you breathing, you were so still.” She had been scared for me too.

“I guess I needed some pretty deep sleep to recover from my adventures last night.” That was assuming she’d heard Porter’s story.

“Sounds like it. I can’t even imagine how a girl could do that. I admire that. I could never ever …” Her voice trailed off as she carefully reached out and touched the edge of my hair where it was tucked behind my ear. Her eyes displayed a confusing array of emotions as her fingers plucked at the short ends. Maybe there were stringy clumps of blood between the strands.

“Okay then, this is it. Our last day on the trail.” Shelley slipped in between us, knocking Linda’s arm down none too gently and strode off toward Hank. – My Sweet Infected – Chapter 6

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